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Territory Sales Representative


  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Job #229

The office products business is no longer about copying, faxing, and printing. It’s about complete management of document requirements. As one of the largest independent dealers in the nation, we provide an extensive line of copiers, printers, and Managed IT Solutions including archiving and managing documents. We combine the best hardware, software, and services to manage document workflow and improve productivity. To ensure your success with us, we will provide you with state-of-the-art training as well as exceptional company support.

The Territory Sales Rep is responsible for helping our customers make the most of their technology. Your mission will be to develop existing accounts and new accounts via prospecting and strategic marketing. In the process, you will manage your assigned resources and territory to achieve individual and divisional sales goals and ensure long-term business development. Compensation consists of salary plus commissions and bonuses.

Job Description & Expectations:


1. Create a written daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activity plan.

2. Discuss these plans with the manager and keep him/her updated as requested.


1. Compiles lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories, industry ads, trade shows, Internet Web sites, and other sources.

2. Make adequate new sales calls on potential buyers to secure appointments with decision-making individuals.

3. Make new business calls in all areas of the territory either telemarketing or canvassing.

4. Keep adequate records on potential buyers, current equipment, and callback dates in the computer database.

5. Provide the manager accurate accounting of all activity on a weekly basis.

Territory Marketing:

1. Initiate product or company mailings with phone or in-person follow up.

2. Promote any conventions, trade shows, or product introductions within territory.

Analyzing Needs:

1. Before making a demonstration, determine prospect's wants and needs.

2. Prepare pre-call planner with appropriate situational, problem opportunity, and benefit


3. Perform on-site analysis studies.

Proposal Resources:

1. Write sales proposals.

2. Be proficient in office software.

3. Express expertise in both written and oral communications.

Handling Objections and Closing:

1. Know and use various techniques of handling objections and closing sales.

2. Be able to overcome objections created by competitive equipment.

3. Be able to quickly calculate various equipment-acquisition options.

4. Be able to compare your products with that of the competition.

Order Handling and Processing:

1. Turn in all orders promptly, properly signed, and filled out completely and legibly.

2. Follow up with administrative personnel to ensure proper billing and accurate paperwork completed.

Customer Service and Support:

1. Insure that all customer equipment is installed agreed and that the customer is completely


2. Periodically call on each customer to insure continued satisfaction and to obtain referrals.

3. When required, collect money from the customer.

4. Report and/or handle customer complaints in conjunction with service department.

5. Work effectively with service technicians.

6. Make all customers aware of new products and services that you feel may be of value to


7. Teach the customer how to most effectively use all the features of the equipment.

General Sales and Management:

1. Have complete product knowledge of the company's systems.

2. Attend all sales meetings.

3. Display or demonstrate products using equipment, CD's, brochures, and emphasize sellable


4. Understand and apply, where necessary, all bulletins.

5. Prepares expense reports when necessary.

6. Follow management's directives.

7. Be supportive of your co-workers.

8. Understand compensation plans and strategies.






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