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You don’t need thousands of resumes. You need the right candidates and timing is everything. The one-way virtual video interview is a efficient way to screen job candidates. The interview is recorded and can be easily shared with colleagues. Like a real interview, candidates don’t see the questions until they have to answer them. This ensures their responses are as natural as an in person interview.


Next Level Impacts recruiting unique recruiting process includes video and extensive data to help you find the right candidates. We have over 650 million social media connections worldwide and can get as granular as necessary for your search.


Next Level Impacts goes beyond the traditional recruiting approach. We enrich the process with video interviews. By implementing video interviews this helps everyone involved in the hiring process make better decisions about which candidates to move forward with.


At this point of the process we have a resume, social media profile and a video interview that will allow us to gain more insight on candidates in far less time. This also allows us to implement our interview playbook and refine interview questions based on video results.

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