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Attention all Sales Reps, Sales Managers and Senior Executives: Please upload your resume into our eco-system if you have been affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic or looking to make a career change. Please share with us as much information as you can ie sales careers you're interested in, income expectations and markets if relocating is an option. 

At Next Level Impacts, we are more than a recruiting agency, we are advocates and mentors to candidates looking to find their place in the Healthcare or Technology industries. Our unique approach uses video interviews to help get you in front of employers to showcase more than just your resume. Video interviews help our clients find the best candidates whose skills and personalities fit perfectly within their company culture. We also offer feedback to candidates on your social media presence, resume, and interview skills to help you get into great companies that will help you on your way towards Healthcare or Technology sales. Our placement system is catered to recent graduates and experienced job seekers alike to create a career plan that will help you develop new skills and progress in your career.

With access to over 650 million users in the world’s largest professional network, our clients trust us to find them great candidates who will fit perfectly into their sales team. We use a state of the art screening system to filter through millions of potential candidates to ensure that the prospective employees we send your way meet or exceed all of your needs and expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our process, and find out how we can help you find great employees for your company!


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